Boudoir Brand Ambassador- Molly

Good golly, Ms. Molly!!Everybody meet Molly, my newest addition to Jessi Quillen Photography. Molly is my Boudoir Brand Ambassador. Some of you may be asking what the heck that even means. Basically Molly's job is to help me inform and inspire you ladies that are interested or curious about boudoir. She is here to show examples of a boudoir shoot, answer any questions you may have that you don't want to ask me, and really just assure you that taking the leap is so worth it when it comes to booking a boudoir shoot.

I first photographed Molly about a year ago for a boudoir shoot. She LOVED the experience and loved her photos when she got them back. I also photographed Molly and her fiancé this past fall for their engagement photos. I know she makes an AMAZING brand ambassador because she's fun, relatable, and honest. If you're reading this blog because you're interested in learning more about boudoir and considering booking a shoot yourself, remind yourself that not too long ago Molly was facing the same questions you might be. Questions such as: "What if I'm not pretty enough? What if I'm too nervous? What if I look weird? What if I don't look as amazing as these other girls I'm seeing?" Molly and I are here to tell you to stop what if-ing and BOOK THE SHOOT!! I decided to welcome a brand ambassador onto my team because I think it's important for ladies that may be a little hesitant to see the realness behind the photograph. Molly isn't a model, Molly is a regular girl just like you! She worked at a grocery store for years, she trips on the coffee table just like you do, she makes a goofball out of herself, she has bad hair days, she has her own insecurities she has to face just. like. YOU! The primary reason I want my potential clients to have someone other than me to turn to when it comes to boudoir is because Molly has been in front of my camera multiple times. She knows the experience first-hand and I know she will be honest with you.

You can contact Molly via her Instagram @mollyerickson03! Thank you, Molly for agreeing to jump on board with me! I can't wait to build confidence one woman at a time with you!!

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