Thank you!! So long, 2020!!

I know we're all eager to move on from the insanity of 2020, but I would like to take a moment to appreciate all of the good it brought as well! (and I encourage you to do the same!). I would also like to applaud us all for the strength, courage, and flexibility we have maintained throughout the past year regardless of the countless struggles that has been thrown at us! Who knew that 2020 would bring so many things to go down in history?! Killer hornets, Tiger King (literally feels like ages ago), Covid, quarantine, the pandemic, protests, riots, bombings, and so many individual battles we've each had to navigate our way through! I am SO PROUD of you for for all of your perseverance!

Congratulations to all of us that graduated in 2020! I know it wasn't the senior year we were expecting, but we did it regardless! I empathize with the sacrifices you've all had to make - proms, graduations, not getting to say goodbye to friends or teachers, finishing your courses online, etc. Also, my condolences to 2021 seniors to follow! But regardless of the ending not being what we expected we did it! Congratulations! I'm proud of you!

To all the brides, grooms, and families this year has affected I tip my hat to you for the incredible way you have adapted to the struggles of 2020. I know there were many sad realizations that weddings would be changing and plans you had made would have to be canceled, postponed, or changed. My heart goes out to you in these moments; however, I am also grateful for the new appreciation and creativity that has gone into intimate weddings and elopements! I have always been a fan of these and seeing them become more popular and appreciated makes me heart so happy! It is unfortunate this happened under such extreme circumstances. Nevertheless, I am so proud of all the amazing couples that didn't let the 2020 craziness tarnish their love and commitment to each other! I also extend the BIGGEST thank you to the couples that allowed me to be a part of their 2020 wedding plans! Truly, it was such an honor to be a part of so many lovely moments. If you know me, you know that I LOVE love. I'm such a hopeless romantic and because of this weddings have always felt like home to me. What better way to witness and appreciate love than capturing one of the most important days of a couple's relationship?! 2020 brides and grooms, YOU ROCK!!

To all the people that were victims of loss this year, I am genuinely so sorry. I know people have lost friends and family to Covid and I am truly sorry for the sorrows you've had to go through. And let's not forget about the losses due to other tragedies as well. It seems in the midst of the pandemic many have forgotten to condole those who have lost loved ones due to other things. To anyone and everyone that has suffered loss, my heart is with you.

Lastly, I would like to thank each and every supporter I have had this year! To my friends and professors that helped me complete my college career in the midst of uncertainty, my coworkers at Vera Bradley for being friends to me and supporters of my business, my friends who I know I can lean on no matter what (you know who you are), my family for constantly supporting me in my journey of entrepreneurship, my accountant and my mom for always answering my COUNTLESS questions about being a new business owner, the list truly goes on forever. The ones I want to thank the absolute most though is you...the one reading this, the ones who like my posts, share my work, spread my name, hire me to photograph you and your friends, families, and weddings. The endless precious moments of life that you guys allow me to capture is so humbling. You guys really don't understand when I tell you this is my passion, YOU are my passion!! There is so much beauty and love and laughter in life that just passes us by! I find so much comfort in knowing that some of them don't go forgotten simply because I was able to capture that moment and now you will have it forever to look back on and remember how good things can be...even in years like 2020. Even when there's so much unknown, stress, sadness, loneliness, anger...even when there's a lot of bad there is still more good. I got to capture a lot of good for you guys this year and I couldn't be more grateful to you for that. Thank you, Happy New Years.

Much love,

Jessi Q.

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