Top 5 Photoshoot Locations of 2020

One of the most important parts of planning a photoshoot is choosing a location that is specific to you and your needs! It's important that you choose scenery that helps create the mood/vibe you're going for! One of my responsibilities as your photographer is helping you find a location you like. I strongly recommend getting creative with this! With that being said there are some local locations that I used heavily in 2020 and they certainly served us well! As you start to choose your shoot location these are some good places to consider or look to for inspiration as you continue your search!

1.Meads Quarry

Mead's Quarry can be found in South Knoxville, TN. It's a beautiful, nature-filled location. I love this location because it can be navigated easily and quickly which leaves us with plenty of time to move around to multiple scenery spots at the location! The train tracks are inactive so they're safe to shoot on. This is an overall great location to consider if you're wanting a good variety of nature-y photos!

2. UT Garden

The UT Gardens can be found in the heart of Knoxville. As you can see there are endless photo opportunities here which is why I LOVE this location so much! I highly recommend this location for anyone looking for a good mixture of scenery and posing opportunities! This garden blooms beautifully in the spring and summer, especially!

3. Knoxville Botanical Garden

The Knoxville Botanical Garden is one of my favorite locations because of its obvious beauty and versatility. This Garden can be found in East Knoxville. It is absolutely stunning and has a very good mixture between nature and buildings. One of my favorite features of this location is the bamboo forest! It also features a greenhouse, a large grassy stair case, and absolutely beautiful landscaping throughout the whole garden.

4. Melton Hill Park

Melton Hill Park can be found near Hardin Valley in Knoxville. It is a very airy, natural location. It's absolutely perfect for those of you going for an open-air, bohemian, organic vibe! It also features a beautiful spot in the water if you're looking for a good place to do some poses in the water! I love the fields at this location! Definitely a great place to consider!


All of the best shoots are full of adventure, authenticity, and fun!! I am a huge fan of adventure and I am always so excited when you guys come to me with unique location ideas! Let's go hike the mountains or wander the streets of a city! Our world is so exciting and unique and has so many surprises to offer! From the waterfalls of North Carolina to random chairs left in the alley to street art to topless portraits in random fields, the possibilities are endless! I am SO DOWN for all your ideas! Sometimes no plan can be the best plan, it's okay to wing it!

The locations I suggested are amazing, they're in my top 5 favs for a reason! But I truly do encourage you to take your location ideas and run with them! Your photoshoot should be true to you and should help create your vision! Please feel free to ask me about any location you might be curious about and inform me of any ideas you might have while choosing a location for your shoot!

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