Women Empowerment Collection

In 2019 I created a collection of images of women of various shapes, sizes, skin color, and imperfections. I became passionate about this project very quickly as I aimed to emphasize natural and unnatural imperfections in the female body. I focused on impurities such as scars, birth marks, stretch marks, freckles, moles, tattoos, piercings, and everything in between. I chose to include tattoos and piercings because although they are chosen impurities they offer a wide variety if self-expression.I do feel that often times women are looked down on for their chosen impurities (ie. tattoos and piercings) as well and sometimes feel shame for these man-made imperfections on their body. I decided to focus on impurities because so often women feel they must hide them to feel beautiful, lady-like, or "perfect". In today's society, we seem to aim for an intangible "perfection". Whether it be a feature we are born with or we deliberately place on our body, it is something we carry with us every day. Embracing these impurities and wearing them with pride could change the world as we know it by creating a confidence among the female population that could influence every single thing we do.

The immediate response to this project was inspiring. I posted a model call on my

Facebook Account and on the first night I spoke to almost thirty women that were interested in participating. I was elated and engulfed because even the very thought of the project was already inspiring women. I want to highlight the beauty in imperfections and differences to empower not only the woman I'm photographing, but also the women viewing the images. Seeing the reaction in the women I was photographing when they saw how beautiful they are regardless of their impurities was incredible. As someone that has struggled with body insecurity in the past I am very passionate about empowering women to feel not only comfortable, but also proud in their bodies. I would like to thank the women in these photos for their bravery and vulnerability. The organic beauty of the female body has always mesmerized me and I thought it was time to use this muse of mine to inspire others to show more acceptance to themselves and to their fellow sisters.

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